Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Classin' Up the Joint

I did a little craft with the minions yesterday and it was a big hit with everyone, myself included!  After I posted some pics of the fancy online I had some folks asking for the specifics.  I aim to please, so here is the link to the original post where I discovered the craft-tastic activity.  (Did you think I came up with that on my own?  Never.  Googling should be my job.)

And the pics...

The original post says to tape the leaves to the windows, but I had some twine from another craft explosion so I used that and I think the garland is definitely classier (if you can call coffee filter decorations classy, which I do.)  

My little craft drones, laboring away in their crafty sweat shop.  If you are going to do this activity, I recommend covering your table with newspaper or butcher paper or something.  As you can see, I did not do this and they are painting directly off of the table.  This is why we can't have nice things.  (Kidding, sort of.  I told them it was okay, and the magic eraser just took that right off!) 

It was pretty excellent.  Next week I think I'm going to have them paint my living room. 

Also, stay tuned here for an exciting giveaway later this week!  I am seriously pumped about this!

Keep it classy, Columbia (or wherever you are.)

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  1. Kelley! My mom sent me a link to one of your blog posts on kids activities and I spent most of an evening reading your blog posts before I realized that you were someone that I kind of know in real life. Anyway - funny thoughtful stuff. Thanks for writing!

    Beth Kelley (Pam Spencer's daughter)